Sunday, November 5 - Sunday, November 19, 2023

Forty years ago, the Chapel was planted by the Tabernacle Church of Norfolk. This conference is a celebration of a Lord Jesus who was sent by his Father, who sent his church, and who has sustained our desire to send for four decades.

There is a big difference between a church that has global partners and a church that sends global partners.

We have aimed to be the latter. If his return has not happened in the next forty years, his grace will sustain us in pursuit of John’s charge:

You will do well to send them (Global Partners) on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. Therefore, we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth. (3 John 6-8)

Our celebration will call to mind his past faithfulness. More importantly, it calls us to rely on his future faithfulness. What does it mean to send in a manner worthy of God? What, in addition to our finances, does it look like to support people like these? And how can we be fellow workers for the truth?

This webpage introduces the Global Partners who will be with us for the conference, the events that will take place, and the themes we will develop. Would you consider making the following commitments?
  • Prioritize the conference on your calendar.
  • Establish or renew a friendship, prayer and at least one-year financial commitment to any one of our Global Partners.
  • Open yourself to going. Great sending churches are full of folks who go, whether on a short or long-term basis. Speak to a ministry leader or staff member about it. You’ll be surprised at the opportunities that await.

May we send well for 40 more!

Conference Schedule of Events

sunday, november 5

Prayer for the Conference | 8:30AM | Room 201
Join us as we pray that disciples would be made.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 9AM | PCC
  • KidzMin classes hear the Genesis-to-Revelation call to global ministry
  • PSM middle school students learn what a global ministry pilot in rural Africa does to support discipleship. Dave Lott shares stories and photos from 20 years of flying there. Sally Lott takes students into the lives of African women living on the edge. (Room 207)
  • PSM high school students Zoom with recently sent (and hugely loved former student ministry staffer) Chelsea N in western Asia.
  • Discipleship Class: Discipling someone who comes to Christ out of an Orthodox Jewish background. What does the word contextualization mean and how is it relevant? | Taught by: D | Hosted by: Ryan Bradley | Room 202 - The Great Commission calls us to make disciples. D shares from her own background as well as her work in New York City to help us grasp the challenges and importance of a contextualized Christianity. This class will also prepare you for this evening’s Shabbat experience and interactive learning about contextualization.
  • Worship Service Ministry Report: Hear from D on the importance of discipleship in an urban, multicultural setting like New York.
  • Sermon: Making Disciples in Modern Japan by Lifting Jesus Higher | Rob Taylor shares what it is about Jesus that can make a Japanese person want to follow him. Sending churches send disciple makers, like Rob and his wife, Yoko.

Global Partner Connection | 10:15AM & 12:00PM | Foyer
Meet Global Partners Kim and Annie Colich (Bible translators in Papua New Guinea since 1990) and Eric Gambardella (local InterVarsity Campus Ministry). Enjoy a treat from that part of the world and visit the Global Partner Museum. Have a Polaroid taken of yourself / your family in front of the Café map standing alongside the Coliches, Eric, or another Partner you’d like to commit to this year.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 10:45AM | PCC
  • KidzMin large group worship hears from Dave and Sally Lott: Life in Africa as a Global Ministry bush pilot and member care team. Crocodiles, snakes, and hippos may find their way into these stories.
  • Discipleship Class: Discipling Gen Z | Taught by: Brandi Rawls | Hosted by: Hannah Wissmann | Room 202 - Your child, relative or younger friend face a different world from what you faced. Find out how to help them follow Jesus in today’s world. Brandi, Director for Campus Outreach in the eastern US, is a masterful instructor of campus workers, helping them apply the bible to the issues Gen Z faces daily on campus.
  • Central Asia monthly prayer: Zoom call with partners Levi and Betsy B from the Persian Gulf. Hear what discipling our CA people group looks like. | Hosted by: Mabel Kenney | Room 207
  • Worship Service Ministry Report and Sermon same as 9AM

Celebrate Jewish Shabbat and Consider Contextualization | 6PM | Hall B
Led by D and Eric Gambardella
Shabbat is the weekly Jewish day of rest, celebrated from sundown Friday through sundown Saturday. Jews celebrate with customary foods and ritual prayers and ceremonies, as well as abstain from specific types of “work”.  The practice of Shabbat as a Jewish follower of Jesus raises questions of contextualization, defined as tailoring the gospel and religious practices to a people, groups’ situation and worldview without changing the truth. This is a dilemma faced by global workers. Come and celebrate some aspects of Shabbat while considering the contextualization challenge. This event is child-friendly with activity bags provided. PSM joins adults for this event.

Home Groups | Throughout the week
During the week, Home Groups will be hosting Global Partners for whom they pray and sharing what we are learning about sending well.

Tuesday, November 7

Prayer with Partners | 6:30-7:30AM | Hall C
Pray with Kim and Annie Colich, Bible translators in Papua New Guinea. Come when you can, leave when you must. Coffee, donuts, and time to chat with the Coliches afterwards.

Thursday, November 9

Women’s Ministry Birthday Bash | 6:30-8:30PM | PCC Gym
Join the ladies of PCC as we celebrate 40 years of disciple-making alongside our global partners. We’ll commemorate our spiritual birthdays with a fun, lively, and interactive “party” you won’t want to miss!

saturday, november 11

Through the Decades Night of Worship | 6-7:30PM | PCC Gym
God created us to worship him and one of the ways we worship him is with our singing. Through our singing we celebrate what God has done, we exalt Jesus Christ, and we remind ourselves of the steadfast hope that we have in the Gospel. Over these past 40 years, we have sung many different songs and at this special night of worship we will bring back songs from PCC’s past to enrich our worship by reminding him of what he’s done over these 40 years. Past worship leaders will also join us as special guests!

sunday, november 12

Prayer for the Conference | 8:30AM | Room 201
Join us as we pray that joy would be known by the disciples who are made.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 9AM | PCC
  • KidzMin classes grasp the importance of making disciples (not just converts) among children. Disciples who know real joy.
  • PSM middle school students get to know local CRU campus worker Sarah Powell. She’ll share stories of students searching for joy and how only the gospel brings it to the max.
  • PSM high school students catch a vision for finding joy beyond high school, whether in the workplace or on a campus. Campus Outreach trainer Brandi Rawls helps them understand the world they are about to enter and where joy can best be found.
  • Discipleship Class: Bringing Gospel Joy to Japan | Taught by: Rob Taylor | Hosted by: David Lott | Room 202 - Hear from Rob, church planter and evangelist working in Japan for 20 years, on a culture in search of joy and the role of the church.
  • Worship Service Ministry Report: Church Partnership signing ceremony with Shinshu Community Church in Japan; Rob & Yoko Taylor with our elders and the Global Ministry Team.
  • Sermon: Why Sending Churches Pray for Joy in our Partners and in Those They Disciple | Lead Pastor Garrett Spitz helps us grasp the biblical imperative Let the nations be glad! (Psalm 67).

Global Partner Connection | 10:15AM & 12:00PM | Foyer
Meet Global Partners Meredith and Sandy Elder - member care providers for Serge workers serving in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Also meet D and M - making disciples in New York City’s international communities, serving with International Project. Enjoy a treat from their part of the world and visit the Global Partner Museum. Have a Polaroid taken of yourself/your family in front of the Café map standing alongside the Elders, D and M or another Partner you’d like to commit to this year.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 10:45AM | PCC
  • KidzMin large group worship catches a vision of how Jesus is bringing joy to boys and girls in Japan and why that matters so much. Partners Rob and Yoko Taylor help lead our partner church, Shinshu Community, near Nagano. Their three children (under age 19) have grown up in Japan. So they get and love kids!
  • Discipleship Class: Try Bringing Joy to Eastern Chad through Bible Translation | Taught by: Kathleen Pittet | Hosted by: Hannah Wissmann | Room 202 - Imagine what it takes to translate “The joy of the Lord is our strength” into a culture with no written language. Learn the fascinating steps and how to pray for the one we have sent, Kathleen Pittet - a Bible translator in eastern Chad. The process of translation is a long one, with language learning and relationship building taking center stage especially in the first years. Kathleen is excited to put down roots in the community and be able to share life with the people they live among. These new friends will teach her about their culture, an essential ingredient for accurate translation work.
  • Africa monthly prayer: Zoom call with partners Ezekiel and Lucy W. Hear how the gospel brings joy to an animistic/Islamic tribal people group on the coast of Kenya. Then pray for it. | Hosted by: Joy Elliott & Mike Mynes | Room 207
  • Worship Service Ministry Report and Sermon same as 9AM

Luncheon with Global Partners | 12:00PM | Café
Hosted by: Men’s Ministry (open to all) - Hear from Global Partners John Rippy, Rob Taylor and Kim Colich and how the men they seek to serve in Virginia, Japan and Papua New Guinea respectively search for joy. And how they are finding it in the gospel.

Home Groups | Throughout the week
During the week, Home Groups will be hosting Global Partners for whom they pray and sharing what we are learning about sending well.

Tuesday, November 14

Prayer with Partners | 6:30-7:30AM | Hall C
Pray with Rob and Yoko Taylor, church planters and evangelists in Myoto, Japan. Come when you can, leave when you must. Coffee, donuts, and time to chat with the Taylors afterwards.

friday, November 17

Celebration Dinner | 5:30-9PM | Halls ABC
Join us for an elegant and fun evening of dinner, dancing, and fellowship. Doors will open at 5:30PM where appetizers and refreshments will be served. Photo/video booths and an interactive display of artifacts from PCC’s past will also be available during this time. At 6:30PM, we will enjoy a catered meal provided by Carrabba’s Italian Grill as we remember and celebrate what God has done over the years through engaging testimonies and videos. We will conclude the evening with cake and an open dance floor! Attire is semi-formal. This event is for those aged 18 and up. Younger teens will be encouraged to volunteer as servers and to make themselves available for free/reduced cost babysitting. Cost is $20/person.

SATURday, November 18

Flag Football | 2-4PM | PCC Lawn (Weather Permitting)
Each year PSM holds a Thanksgiving Flag Football Tournament. In light of the 40th Anniversary celebration and festivities, PSM is inviting the whole church to attend and enjoy cooking out (please bring a side dish or dessert to share), watching our students compete, and maybe even joining in the competition yourself. Students play on teams based on their grade level and gender, but we are happy to include adults in the mix as well. We also plan to have teams for preschool and elementary students to compete with other students their own age. Just show up ready to play and we will put you on a team. Inflatables will be provided for younger children to enjoy. We hope you all can make it. Be sure to bring a lawn chair and cheer on your favorite team!

Sunday, November 19

Prayer for the Conference | 8:30AM | Room 201
Join us as we pray that joy-filled disciples would plant joy-filled churches.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 9AM | PCC
  • KidzMin classes hear the importance of sharing the good news around the globe.
  • PSM middle school students are invited into the international world of D and M. They learn how to engage locally and are challenged to join a Seed Week one day soon. They’ll hear the personal stories of how God uses our past to prepare us for a life of sharing the best news ever.
  • PSM high school students hear from Lois Shaw how to keep an interest in global ministry alive and growing.
  • Discipleship Class: Bible Translation in Hard-to-Reach Parts of the World | Taught by: Stuart and Peggy Milliken | Hosted by: David Lott | Room 202 - Hear from Stuart and Peggy, who have over 30 years’ experience in a hard-to-reach place the Chapel has on its heart, on why translation is step one in making Christ known.
  • Worship Service Ministry Report: Kim and Annie Colich share the challenge and joy of translating the Bible’s word joy into the Tami language in Papua New Guinea.
  • Sermon: Sending Churches See the World Changed by Disciples Who Catch the Vision Global Partner Carlton Deal has spent 30 years spreading that vision in Europe and beyond. He challenges us to be the kind of church we want to see around the world, one that brings change.

Global Partner Connection | 10:15AM & 12:00PM | Foyer
Meet Global Partners Dave and Cindy Hahne – international and local leaders with Serve the City, meeting needs in cities around the world. You’ll also want to meet John and Charlotte Rippy – John serves with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship providing oversight for campus workers in the western part of Virginia. Enjoy a treat from their part of the world (an urban or campus specialty) and visit the Global Partner Museum. Have a Polaroid taken of yourself/your family in front of the Café map standing alongside the Hahnes, the Rippys or another Partner you’d like to commit to this year.

Sunday Morning Highlights | 10:45AM | PCC
  • KidzMin large group opens eyes to the opportunity to engage so many cultures for the gospel right here in the USA. D shares the joy of sowing spiritual seeds in New York and right here on the peninsula with our ever-growing international community.
  • Discipleship Class: Making Christ Known in Post-Christian Europe | Taught by: Shannon Deal | Hosted by: Cindy Hahne | Room 202 - Hear from Shannon, author, speaker and nurturer with Serve the City. She has honed her skills as a communicator of solid theology to a challenging culture – post-modern Europe.
  • Europe/Americas/Papua New Guinea monthly prayer: Special focus on the work in PNG/the Coliches and Europe/Dave Hahne as the Coliches and Dave share. Hosted by: Sally Lott | Room 207
  • Worship Service Ministry Report and Sermon same as 9AM.

Thanksgiving Worship Service | 5:30PM | PCC
Come ready to give thanks. In addition to times of singing and prayer, this worship service includes two open-mic opportunities for anyone to briefly share something that they are thankful for. Sharing our thanks completes our joy in what God has done. What you share may be from any time in the past forty years or something fresh that God has done this past year or even during the recent Global Ministry Conference and 40th Anniversary celebrations. This worship service will help prepare your heart for Thanksgiving Day. Childcare will be offered for 5th grade and under. Register for Childcare Here.

Conference Speakers


Rob Taylor

Rob and Yoko Taylor and their family have lived in Nagano, Japan, since 2006. Their dream is that the Japanese church will not be a western church, run by foreign workers, but a biblical church propagated by Japanese believers. They see their roles as bringing the parallel lines of the community and the local church together through church leadership, discipleship, community outreach, ministry to young moms, coaching basketball, and teaching English. Rob helps pastor a sister church of ours, Shinshu Community Church of Myoto.

garrett Spitz

Garrett is the Lead Pastor at Peninsula Community Chapel. His heart for global ministry comes through in his preaching and stays fresh through his trips to visit partners, leadership of training experiences like Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and regular interaction with our partners.

Carlton Deal

Carlton and Shannon Deal serve with Communitas International to form and reproduce followers of Jesus, leaders, and missional expressions of the church in Brussels and beyond (The Well, Serve the City, European Prayer Breakfast). The people who excite them are young Europeans eager to be equipped to initiate and lead reproducing communities of faith and mission; volunteers serving the poor in the name of Jesus; and European political leaders who are followers of Jesus and want to develop deeper friendships with one another through prayer.

Other Participating Partners

DAve & Sally Lott
Having lived and worked in Botswana and Zambia for 21 years, they are well equipped to train churches like PCC in caring for and supporting those living and working cross-culturally. The Lotts live on the Peninsula and serve on the Chapel’s Global Ministry teams.

Eric gambardella
Eric serves as a Campus Minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Virginia Peninsula Community College in Hampton and Williamsburg, and Christopher Newport University in Newport News. His primary role on campus is to equip student leaders to lead in Bible study and evangelism. Eric is also the Scripture Engagement Coordinator for the Virginia Region where he uses his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies to help other Campus Ministers get the Bible into a generation of students who grew up with little awareness of what is in the Bible, much less its relevance to their lives. Eric also serves as the Director of Worship at Summit Christian Academy, and operates his own DJ business. You may have even seen him at a wedding or two.

d and m
D, a Jewish believer from New York City, and M, an Army vet, work among the nations in NYC, with a focus on the Jews of the metro-NYC area, numbering almost two million and hailing from around the world. D and M enter the world of the ultra-orthodox as well as little-known Jewish communities, looking for where God is at work among these groups with only a handful of believers. Mysticism, shame, and fear rule in these communities, and they may be completely shut off from the outside world.

brandi rawls
Brandi works as the East Coast Network Women’s Development Coordinator for Campus Outreach. She works with staff to provide training, coaching, curriculum, and encouragement to better leverage them for impact on the college campus. Her husband Jay and son John Henry keep Brandi going!

rob taylor
Rob served as a Youth Pastor here at the Chapel in the early 2000s. He is a man of joy with vision for church planting in Japan’s spiritually complicated soil. He is confident that joy will be an essential ingredient to any healthy church growth in that land.

kathleen pittet
Johan and Kathleen Pittet with their daughter Aurore are located in south-eastern Chad to engage in both well-drilling and language development and translation for an unreached minority people group in the country. The process of translation is a long one, with language learning and relationship building taking center stage especially in the first years, but Kathleen is excited to put down roots in the community and be able to share life with the people they live among. The need for water in the dry and arid region of the Sahel is also a pressing need, with less than 30% of the population of the region having access to clean water. Johan (mechanical engineer) and Kathleen pray that through helping meet physical needs, they can be a testimony to the Living Water and that the transforming power of God’s Word will take root among the people group they serve.

stuart & Peggy Milliken
Stuart and Peggy Milliken have been involved in Bible Translation for over 40 years, working with several organizations including Wycliffe Bible Translators. They were in EA from 1988-2019 where they completed the New Testament for one of the dialects spoken by our adopted people group, the M People, as well as portions of the Old Testament. They had to leave EA in 2019, and since then have been serving as translation consultants for a variety of projects in different locations. Stuart and Peggy both hold bachelor degrees in missiology from Nyack College, and PhDs in linguistics from Cornell University. They currently live in Grand Rapids, MI, where they enjoy gardening with native plants and participating in church worship through playing recorder, writing descants, and liturgical dancing.

shannon Deal
Shannon is an author, speaker and nurturer with Serve the City and other ministries. Shannon has honed her skills as a communicator of solid theology to a challenging culture – post-modern Europe.

lois shaw
She is so grateful that God called her to serve Him overseas. What an adventure it has been. She wishes everyone could have the gift of sharing the love of Jesus in another culture. Her heart’s desire has been to engage in the mission of God, strategically, by networking with poor and marginalized women in East Africa, and North American believers in enduring Christ-focused friendships. She has served with her husband, Mark, for over 35 years in Kenya, and raised their two children there. She loves to write and loves long conversations with God’s family from all over the world.

Ministry Reports

kim and annie colich  |
Kim and Annie began serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1988 moving to the remote east coast of Papua New Guinea, in 1991 with their three young daughters to begin their work among the Tami in 1991.  Their work involved first learning the language of the Tami people, creating an alphabet, and finally translating the books of the New Testament along with some of the Old Testament into the Tami language. They currently have all of the New Testament drafted along with the book of Psalms and other Old Testament portions. For the New Testament, all but 5 books are ready for publication. The Coliches are also involved in literacy work, women’s Bible study, and numerous Scripture Use courses using the translated Tami Scriptures. They hope to have a New Testament dedication, Lord willing, by 2027.

john and charlotte rippy
John oversees campus work at The University of Virginia, James Madison University, and Shenandoah University. He is also working to establish new witnessing communities of campuses that do not currently have a ministry presence. The Rippys were a vital part of PCC for several years before moving to Richmond to accommodate John’s regional travel. Grace, Emma and Revell keep them hopping!

meredith and sandy elder  |
Meredith and Sandy serve with Serge on their Member Care Team, which Meredith helps lead. Sending churches value experienced workers and counsellors like the Elders who provide biblical counsel and encouragement for those who are sent. If you want to know what Global Partners face and for what you can pray, ask the Elders.

dave and cindy hahne  |
Dave and Cindy work with Serve the City globally, nationally, and locally. Globally, Dave works with the International Leadership Team as the Chief Operating Officer, helping to create the resources that allow new cities to get started and enable existing cities to grow while keeping true to the vision of Serve the City. Nationally, Dave serves on the Board of Directors of Serve the City US, working to create a volunteering movement that can sweep the US like it has in Europe. Locally, Cindy is the City Leader for Serve the City Peninsula. She leads a team of volunteers from around the Peninsula in building transformational relationships in places like Newport News, Hampton, and York County.

Sarah Powell
Sarah is on CRU staff primarily at Christopher Newport University. She is passionate about seeing lost students find hope and freedom in the gospel. CNU is a launching pad for many future leaders, doctors, politicians and business people. One of Sarah’s greatest desires is to see God shift the course of students’ lives as they learn what it looks like to be Christ-centered laborers, whether in their profession or in their community.

Chelsea n

After seven years on our student ministry staff, Chelsea was recently sent by the Chapel to western Asia where she continues using her gifts for helping school-aged kids grow academically and spiritually. Her advocates, David (803-374-3991) and Anna Staton (803-374-0454) would love to fill you in on Chelsea’s work.

PCC Global Partners Map

Next Steps

So, God spoke to you during the conference. He’s nudging you to somehow be a part of what He is doing in His world. Following are a few steps you might take to join His work. Contact Global Ministry Chair Hannah Wissmann at or a Pastoral Staff Member for details on how you could participate.

  1. Attend one of the monthly regional Prayer times Sunday at 10:45AM. You’ll hear the latest updates and reasons to celebrate. Then you’ll join a team that takes them all to God in prayer.
    • First Sunday: Prayer for Central Asia (Room 206)
    • Second Sunday: Prayer for Africa (Room 201)
    • Third Sunday: Prayer for Europe/Papua New Guinea/Americas (Room 201)
    • Fourth Sunday: Prayer for East Asia/Japan (Room 201)
  2. Consider going or sending someone else on a short-term trip. 2024 short term trips will be announced in early 2024.
  3. Commit to praying for a global partner you met or at least heard during the conference using the provided prayer cards. Their contact info is also in the conference brochure. Ask for regular updates and write or call them monthly for one year.
  4. Support a global partner you heard or got to meet (and took a photo with?!).
  5. Mobilize your Home Group, Bible study, family or group of friends to make a year’s commitment to one of the partners you heard from or about at the conference. Keep them informed on ways to pray, give or encourage. Host a zoom party with that partner.
  6. Find out how you could serve one of our Global Ministry Task Forces. Reach out to the office for contact information at

More About Global Ministry at PCC

Global Ministry Team

Because we believe so deeply in God calling us to global ministry, especially in the unreached areas of the world, PCC’s Global Ministry Team strives to educate, motivate and equip our congregation to play a part in what God is doing on a global scale. We oversee the sending and supporting of our Global Ministry Partners and our annual short-term trips. Our Global Ministry Team includes Hannah Wissmann (Chair), Tom Kenney (Global Ministry Pastor), Dan Scherbenske, Carol Bryant, David Lott, Lois Shaw and Ryan Bradley.

Global Ministry Task Forces

Our Global Ministry Task Forces exist to help focus the congregation of PCC on how God is calling the church to spread the good news of Jesus locally and globally among all peoples. We have three task forces with a specific focus on our three unreached people groups. They are the Central Asia Task Force, the Kenya Task Force, and the M-People Advocacy Team. 

Global Ministry Partners & Advocates

Global Ministry Partners are people that we formally send out to engage in intentional vocational ministry. There are two classifications of Global Ministry Partners: Associate and Primary. Primary Global Ministry Partners receive greater levels of support from PCC and submit to more significant levels of accountability. We currently support 49 Global Ministry Partners who are doing ministry in over 13 different countries spread across 6 continental regions. About half are Primary and half are Associate. Every Global Ministry Partner has an official Advocate here at PCC who serves as a vital link between the congregation and the Global Ministry Partner whether they are on the other side of the world or here locally. Due to security reasons, not all of our Global Ministry Partners can be featured on the website or in paper publications.
For more information about our Global Partners and Global Ministry at PCC, visit our website -